Sales Ledger Audits and Reviews

Sales Ledger Audits and Reviews

SFP Recoveries provide you with a full sales ledger audit and review. This covers verification of funding, reviewing ledger performance and providing advice for problematic debts. Some of our sales ledger audit/review services are below, applying to both business owners and lenders where required.

Verifications and Bad Debt Advice

SFP Recoveries offer a full verification service of the sales ledger to determine what debt is recoverable. This includes identifying discrepancies, bad debt, disputes, lower fresh air invoices and fraudulent activities.

Following this, we can provide advice, assistance and solutions on all problematic or contractual debts. This includes debtor queries to enable a prompt turnaround of any outstanding debt.

Sales Ledger Performance Reviews

SFP Recoveries can review ledger performance and debt turn-around times. Our ability to undertake an audit of a company’s sales ledger helps to establish the viability of funding against it.

Lender Support

SFP Recoveries can assist lenders with manage-aways to ensure a fully verified / reconciled account is in place when taking on or handing over an account.

Review of the systems and processes to provide recommendations with the aim to improve processes and systems, maximising cash flow for lenders.

Whether there is an incoming or outgoing client, SFP Recoveries can recommend changes to credit control processes and systems to improve cash flow / quantum of invoicing for the lender.


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