Turnaround / Insolvencies

Assisting in Turnaround and Insolvency Scenarios

SFP Recoveries attend all insolvencies in order to protect a lender’s exposure in relation to factored sales ledger or to maximise collections for the benefit of the insolvent company.

SFP Recoveries undertake the following:

  • Complete a full reconciliation of a company’s sales ledger to identify all ledger discrepancies;
  • Identify non factored and additional invoices to raise and upload to the lender’s ledger;
  • Report on how collectable the sales ledger is and identify any issues which may affect collections;
  • Reconstruct and compile all invoices along with supporting documentation to substantiate all debts and elicit payment;
  • Ensure that backups of all financial and sales ledger data are taken from site;
  • Reorganise, manage and implement company credit control systems and processes to maximise cash flow; enforce director cooperation and meetings to ensure all issues are tackled;
  • Takeover collections on certain debts who will only deal with Administrators/Liquidators; and instructing and liaising with specialists to deal with contentious or contractual debt;
  • Assist lender with any additional information required for the lender; and
  • Provide ongoing support on issues and disputes.


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