testimonial picture Mahin Khawaja
Adroit Accountax

"As director of Adroit Accountax I can highly recommend the services of SFP Corporate Solutions. It is essential to have confidence when recommending a business partner to clients. SFPCS are now our MVL solution of choice. Our clients have benefitted from their professional and friendly services and I would encourage anyone considering an MVL to speak to SFPCS."

testimonial picture Joel Harding
Hillier Hopkins

"Our relationship with the SFP Corporate Solutions generally has been very rewarding. They have dealt with our client’s needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Their staff seem to hit just the right balance of friendliness and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other accountants and clients."

testimonial picture Martin Cheadle
Cheadles Accountants

"SFP are providing an exceptionally useful facility to business people in the UK who are looking for accountancy expertise, in that they have done all the research on the accountancy providers within all areas of the country and are able to match suitable providers with the needs of the enquirer. They will also only recommend professionally qualified providers, ensuring you receive best quality advice."

testimonial picture Athos Louca
Managing Partner
Loucas Accountants

"They have provided good targeted leads for us that not only match our locations but our skill set. I have also found the team very helpful in assisting us in following up with leads and signing up the clients. It was a great idea setting up the reciprocal agreement where we introduce leads back to them. This allows us to offer complete solutions to our clients and benefit from it at the same time."

testimonial picture Senior Operations Manager
Investec Capital Solutions

“We used the QCC product on a troubled client situation…….the team reacted very quickly and, along with initial searches, travelled a great distance to meet me at the clients premises at very short notice. The meeting was extremely useful and helped mould our strategy for this client….we will definitely use the QCC product should a similar situation arise - it helped greatly & the turnaround time was very impressive.”

testimonial picture Head Of Regional Operations
Metro Bank

“We had the opportunity to use this service for a Customer in May 2018. The Metro RM and SFP visited and spent valuable time with the customer assessing the Arrears that had been accumulating and then offering a revisit in later months. SFP then summarised the position for us via a comprehensive e-mail which had the added benefit of satisfying our credit team. Monthly updates were scheduled via conference call so that we could monitor progress & then react quickly if deterioration was spotted. I would certainly use this service again in future and recommend it to others.“

testimonial picture Operations Director
Skipton Business Finance

“We found the QCC product offered an independent perspective on certain issues faced by our client. It provided a clear and concise breakdown of where the business stood financially, helping us work collaboratively with our client to make some key decisions. As soon as the need arises, we will certainly use the product again.”

testimonial picture

"SFP Corporate Solutions have provided a good level of information on the MVL service offered so that we can have informed discussions with our clients. The service has proven to be efficient from start to finish which reflects the level of service we at ClearSky expect to provide. As we have established a close relationship with SFPCS we are kept aware of how cases are progressing to ensure we can provide joined up advice and support to our clients, ultimately our relationship with SFPCS has resulted in a great client experience."

testimonial picture Andrew Whiston
AW Training Solutions for Business Ltd (In MVL)

"I am very pleased that I dealt with SFP Corporate Solutions when it came to winding up my company. They were most helpful and supportive throughout the whole process, which was extremely efficient. I was so grateful that they took the time to explain and annotate each of the various firms and paperwork that required my attention. At first I was completely phased but SFP took the trouble to support me through them, explaining each one. The process was quicker than I expected and SFP ensured that I was aware of the current situation as it progressed. The service SFP Corporate Solutions provide is extremely good."

testimonial picture Richard Munday
Bellissimo3 Management Consultants Limited (Formerly in MVL)

"Prior to dealing with SFP, I had been very anxious about the prospect of placing the company into MVL. However, from day one, SFP provided clear and concise details of how the process would work and ultimately delivered against all of their target estimates for stage completions, including payment of the first 75% of the distribution on day one. I was particularly impressed by the considerate and informative handling at each stage and speedy responses that I received to my queries along the way. I would recommend the services of SFP to anyone considering MVL of a company."

testimonial picture SiQing Lin
G Squid Limited (Formerly in MVL)

"I used SFP Corporate Solutions to liquidate my limited company in 2015, they were very professional and friendly to deal with, the whole process was very smooth. I was kept informed all the way and felt reassured. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

testimonial picture Janet Stones
Fudochi Limited (Formerly in MVL)

"I was delighted with the service I received from SFP Corporate Solutions in relation to the voluntary liquidation of my company. The information I received was clear and concise. In short, they managed the entire process for me and made it a painless experience!"

testimonial picture Eric Burrows
Beam Engineering Limited (Formerly in MVL)

"I appointed SFP Group to complete the MVL (voluntary liquidation) of my limited company, the entire procedure was carried out in a professional confident manner with understanding informed assistance provided from start to finish. The overall process was good value and stress free with advice provided at every stage, I would recommend this service to anyone contemplating closing a limited company."

testimonial picture
Grunberg & Co Ltd

"We have worked with SFP since 2012 and have recommended them various clients who were in financial difficulties seeking suitable solutions. SFP have always acted swiftly, professionally and reasonably with all introductions finding solutions for most, if not all, of the recommendations. We are very happy to recommend to SFP and will continue to do so."

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