Time to Pay Arrangements

Time to Pay Arrangements (“TTP”)

TTP can allow viable businesses who cannot pay on the due date to make payment(s) over a period that they can afford. Arrangements are tailored to the ability of the customer to pay and typically last a few months. This period can be longer, and in some circumstances can be more than 12 months, such arrangements are, however, exceptional.

Our guide below explores the reasons for TTP, how the process works, and what can go wrong. It looks in particular at the pitfalls of failing to adhere to a TTP and the advantages of seeking professional help early.

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How can SFP Group help with HMRC repayments?

The SFP group are experienced in organising TTP and can assist you in the following ways:

  • You will have immediate access to professional, award-winning service.
  • We will negotiate with HMRC on your behalf
  • Use our award-winning brokerage to find a funding option
  • We can offer alternative solutions if a TTP is rejected or subsequently no longer viable

Seek professional help as soon as possible

In our experience, the earlier you seek professional advice to secure a TTP, the smoother the recovery and better the outcome. Fill in our call back form or call us now on 020 7538 2222.

Call now on 020 7538 2222 or click on the button to the right to get speaking to an expert right away.

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