Pre and Post-Lend Survey

Pre-Lend Surveys

Knowing one’s customer is the secret of success. SFP Corporate Solutions utilises its extensive accounting expertise to review and assess financial and accounting records as part of a pre-lend survey.

Even if a customer’s accounting records are poorly maintained or have not been kept up-to-date, SFP Corporate Solutions is able to reconstruct them and provide the most accurate picture of the company’s current financial position.

From its in-depth research, coupled with it’s interview skills, SFP Corporate Solutions is able to compile a detailed report.  This can provide invaluable assistance for both the borrower in securing funding and the lender in making an informed decision prior to taking on new business.

Post-Lend Surveys

A post-lend survey is designed to monitor a borrower’s performance and may be proposed at any point in the lender/borrower relationship. SFP Corporate Solutions can review and produce a report on the business’ position quarterly, six-monthly, or at any interval, to confirm whether or not the risk profile has changed.

Through a post-lend survey, SFP Corporate Solutions can ensure that both the lender and borrower are fully appraised in order to enhance their working relationship, helping both parties to stay one step ahead of changes in a business’ life-cycle.

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